Various tinkering endeavours


Homehub redux using MagicMirror framework
Visio layer automatic highlighter
RS-485 communication sniffer
Intro to 3D printing with the Anycubic Kossel
Shapeoko3 CNC, feedback one year later
Experience with the Shapeoko3 benchtop 3D cutting machine
BlueKey, a bluetooth HW password manager
ShoppingTracker Android App
HomeHub Android App
Android charging & autobackup dock
Voice-controlled FM radio
Homemade video surveillance
Z-Wave home automation
Z-Wave Android widget
Multi-Room Home Audio System
Intercom System
Audio notifications from Google calendars
Wireless water meter
Hue lights control with Raspberry pi
Auto-computed values in Visio diagrams with VBA
Dynamic data flows in Visio diagrams with VBA
HomeHub wall-mounted tablet
Android autowake with PIR sensor
Graph Viewer Android widget
Shopping list Android widget
Sticky notes Android widget
Photo frame Android widget
Data logging server with InfluxDB on Raspberry Pi
Music server on Raspberry Pi

Tips & tricks

Linux Tips And Tricks
Python Tips And Tricks
Android debugging Tips And Tricks
Raspberry Pi Tips And Tricks
Qt On Raspberry Pi
Gmail parsing with Python
Arduino Tips And Tricks
Visio Tips And Tricks
Miscellaneous PHP/SQlite notes
Fusion360 CAD/CAM tool Survival Guide
Sketchup modeler Survival Guide
Manual crimp of an RJ45 Ethernet connector
Etching PCBs at home
Tools of the trade
Build a cheap Arduino FTDI cable
Build a standalone arduino-compatible circuit
Arduino: what's going on under the hood
Installing a web server and PHP on Raspberry Pi


OpenGL tribute to oldschool demos
Museum of Horrors
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